Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions can offer Arch Insurance products as an enhancement or benefit to members and clients. This may include accident and travel insurance.

Credit unions, banks and other financial intuitions can help protect their members and clients with Arch Insurance's accident and health products. Options may include using it as an enhancement to member benefits or offering to your clients to purchase directly.

Why should you consider coverage?

Accidents can happen at any time. If one of your clients experiences an accidental injury or death, from a covered event, an Arch Insurance plan may be able to help out with expenses.

What types of financial institutions are eligible?

Financial institutions may offer coverage to their members. This may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Building societies
  • Investment banks
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Coverage Options for Financial Institutions

Arch Insurance works with financial institutions to provide coverage options that are designed to help protect both the organization and its members. We offer a variety of insurance options, including:

Participant Accident

Participant accident insurance helps cover medical costs associated with injuries, or even death, that could result from one of your members participating in a youth group activity. Coverage can also be offered to an entire organization or on an individual participant basis. Learn more about our participant accident solutions.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance helps in the event that a trip is canceled or cut short for a covered reason, and may pay for the unused, pre-paid non-refundable trip costs and unforeseen expenses that may be incurred while on a trip . It also includes emergency medical benefits in case a traveler gets sick or injured when on a trip. Read more about our travel insurance coverage.

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