Solutions for Affinity Groups

Participant Accident Coverage

Blanket or individual member coverage for a variety of unexpected events that can happen to at any time.

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Event Cancellation and Interruption

These benefits are payable should a planned, covered event is canceled, resulting in financial losses to members.

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Leisure Travel

Group members can have coverage for trip cancellation and unforeseen medical emergencies while traveling.

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Short-Term Events / Programs

Accident insurance can help protect participants in short-term events and programs, such as running events, summer camps, and more.

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Affinity Solutions for Schools

Schools and universities may have varying needs of insurance coverage, including:

  • Student Accident - Helps protect students from kindergarten through college should an accident occur during a planned school activity. Learn More
  • International Student Travel – For groups of short-term student travel, including educational trips, volunteer opportunities, and others. Learn More
  • University Global Travel – For students and faculty who are participating in semesters abroad and other study abroad opportunities. Learn More
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