Voluntary Short Term Disability & Paid Family Leave

Introducing Arch LeaveAssure™ STD, an income replacement product that combines the benefits of Short-Term Disability (STD) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) into one policy.

Voluntary LeaveAssure® STD/PFL

LeaveAssure® combines the benefits of Short-Term Disability (STD) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) into one policy. Employees are covered when:

  • They need time off to recover from a personal illness or injury.
  • They need time off to bond with their newborn child.
  • They need time off to care for a sick family member.

This paid leave product is available in most states and meets the demands of today’s workforce, giving your company a competitive edge when trying to attract the best talent. Employees have one claim process to follow regardless of the reason for their paid leave. This keeps it simple for employees and HR managers.

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Paid Family Leave is one of the fastest growing employee benefits and is now one of the biggest benefits being sought by today’s workforce. Arch LeaveAssure® STD helps keep your employees’ lives on track when life events take priority.

Quarantine Coverage Option

This coverage allows employees to receive up to a two week STD benefit if they are under an order of quarantine due to exposure to an infectious and contagious disease as certified by a local health board.

STD-PFL Plan Designs with Benefits
Percentage of Weekly Salary Maximum Weekly Payout/Payment Duration Participation Family Leave Covered Benefits

STD: 50%-65%.

PFL: Up to 100% Benefit.
Flexible one and two step options are available.

One Step Example:
60% for up to 12 weeks.

Two Step Example:
80% for up to six weeks, then 60% for remaining weeks.
*100% coverage option is limited to the first two weeks.
Up to $6,500 per week.

26 weeks max with 6-12 weeks PFL (can be taken in continuous days or intermittently).
Group/non-voluntary for policies with PFL.

25% minimum for policies with STD only.
Child bonding.

Caring for a family member with serious health condition.

Active duty deployment.
Employees in Multiple States

Get our State Disability & Paid Family Leave Reference Guide, which provides state-by-state guidance on PFML plans.

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Arch LeaveAssure® Solutions

Solutions may be presented individually or combined.

STD / PFL: For employers who want to offer a comprehensive leave plan that covers employees with paid time-off for off-the-job disabilities and for family needs (100% participation – employer paid).

STD: Stand-alone STD product (100% employer paid or voluntary with 25% min. participation).

PFL: For employers who want to add Paid Family Leave coverage as a complement to their current employee benefit package (100% participation – employer paid).

Short Term Disability

Short-term disability insurance pays a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily disabled, which means that you are not able to work for a short period of time due to sickness or injury not related to your job.

Paid Family Leave

Employee chooses to take paid leave to care for a new born or adopted child (i.e. child bonding), an employee requires time off to care for a family member with a serious health condition or an employee requires time-off due to a family member on active military duty. Paid leave can be taken in continuous days or intermittently.

LeaveAssure Short Term Disability and Paid Family Leave Product Sheet

Learn more about Arch Insurance's short term disability and paid family leave products.

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