International Business

We serve international businesses by providing insurance products for their employees & business associations.

With multiple types of coverage, Arch Insurance's Accident and Health programs are designed to serve international industries of all types. Explore the wide variety of coverage that can protect global business owners and help to identify their unique and evolving insurance needs.

Find Benefits that Meet Your Needs

Employee Accident Coverage

We're committed to offering coverage for unexpected events that can happen to employees at any time, whether on or off the job.

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Disability / Paid Family Leave

Short-term disability and paid family leave are required in some states and are excellent benefits to help attract and retain employees.

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Accidental Death & Severe Injury

These benefits are payable should an employee become incapacitated due to loss of function, or even death.

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Global Accident & Sickness

Do your employees travel abroad for business? Make sure they are covered with a global accident & sickness plan.

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Employers We Work With

Whether a small, mid-sized, or rapidly growing regional business, Arch Insurance is prepared to offer comprehensive accident and health solutions for regional employers and the types of risks these businesses face.

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