Travel Assistance

24/7 travel and medical assistance through Arch Insurance helps mitigate the uncertainties that can arise during business or leisure travel.

Travel Assistance

Travel assistance can help prepare for travel, as well as navigate uncertainties that may arise when away from home.

One of the most precious commodities while on the road is time. Leisure or business travel can be exciting and fulfilling, but mishaps can add stress and consume time. Arch’s plans go beyond insurance protection. We work with administrators to provide a broad array of non-insurance services, including travel assistance and medical assistance services. Developed in response to our decades of experience with travel disruptions from the mundane to the exceedingly rare, our services are intended to provide you with an added layer of assurance that unforeseen circumstances can be quickly and efficiently addressed.

Travel Assistance

While traveling, even the most minor inconveniences can derail well laid travel plans, resulting in distractions, disruptions or all out travel crises. Arch’s travel assistance features are intended to mitigate the uncertainties you may encounter.

Features include:

  • Replacement of Lost or Stolen Travel Documents
  • Emergency Travel Arrangements
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Legal Referrals
  • Language Services
  • Message Transmittals

Medical Assistance

Managing a health or medical event while away from home can be daunting and confusing, especially when regulatory, cultural or language barriers are a possibility. Lack of support can waste time, increase costs, or at worst create medical or health risks. Arch’s suite of medical assistance features provide you with proven expertise to help manage potentially critical or life/health threatening events.

Features include:

  • Worldwide Medical and Dental Referrals
  • Monitoring of Treatment
  • Relay of Insurance and Medical Information
  • 24-Hour Health Information
  • Medication and Vaccine Transfers
  • Updates to Family, Employer, and Home Physicians
  • Replacement of Corrective Lenses and Medical Devices

Emergency Transportation Arrangements

In the event of a major travel issue, it is sometimes necessary to arrange for emergency transportation. It’s possible for this to be a wildly expensive and highly stressful situation where there is no room for error. Arch’s years of expertise in assessing and supporting cases where emergency transportation is necessary allows us to assist where necessary.

Features include:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Medically Necessary Repatriation
  • Repatriation of Deceased Remains
  • Return of Dependent Children
  • Emergency Medical Reunion
  • Emergency Political or Security Evacuation


We also offer emergency travel assistance services available 24/7/365. These include:

  • Worldwide Medical Referrals
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Lost/Delayed Luggage Tracing
  • Medical Evacuation Coordination Services
  • General Travel Assistance
  • Travel Tracing and Intelligence (Including Covid-19 Assessment Tool and WorldAware)

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